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DEWY Love Kit


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Anyone developed skin envy yet from the hours spent on binging K-Dramas on Netflix, and just marvelling at the dewy glass skin of all the actors and actresses? Be a lie if you didn’t! Here’s a glass-skin inspired kit to get you one step closer to that porcelain complexion you so often gawk at on your Netflix series!

This travel-sized kit contains:

ROSE GINSENG Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner 20ml Forged from the age-defying goodness of ginseng and brightening prowess of rose blossoms. This toner not only brightens your skin, it also smoothens out the appearance of rough skin.

UNICORN TEARS Adenosine Enriched Collagen Essence 10ml A product as magical as its name suggests. Thicker than water but lighter than a serum, Unicorn Tears is your shield from free radicals that damage your skin, and is also loaded with adenosine that recharges your skin cells, helping you to bring out your skin’s hidden glow.

SKIN DRINK Softening & Replenishing Serum 10ml The ultimate thirst quencher for skin hydration. Preservative-free, harnessed from naturally sourced olives and rich in antioxidants, this is the perfect tool for the reparation of aging skin. The result? A soft, supple complexion that glows with goodness.

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