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SOOTHE ME Mini Me Facial Kit


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Our Mini Me Kits: Pocket-sized, travel-friendly kits that pack a maxi-punch to all your skin troubles! Coming in 3 variations, pack these kits in your everyday carry for a little bit of sprucing up, whenever, wherever.

The ‘Soothe Me’ Kit keeps your skin calm enough to carry on the day with these 3 miniature products:

GOLD FLAKES Illuminating Facial Scrub 15g

The perfect dermal scrub for a little bit of exfoliation after a hot, sweaty lunch outing. Not only does this product draw out impurities, it helps with lymphatic circulation for optimal skin health.

CLOUD NINE Calming & Soothing Masque 15g

If your skin is feeling a little bit of irritation from being hot and bothered, this calming and soothing masque will rid your skin of redness and even out your complexion, while improving its firmness.

WATER INFUSION Moisturizing & Purifying Mask

Say ‘see you never’ to dry skin and ‘how you doin’ to a dewy, moisturized complexion with our water infusion mask, powered by hydro-ionized mineral water to take moisturization to the next level.