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BLOOM & BARE Rejuvenating Softener For Intimate Areas


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Your face is not the only part of your body that suffer from wrinkling and dry skin… it can happen down under as well.

The loss of collagen production with age is inevitable, unless something is done about it. As much as we do for our complexions, we need the equal amount of love for your vagina.

Minimize the pruning and creasing of your vagina with Bloom & Bare, a rejuvenating softener specifically formulated for the intimate area.

With core ingredients like Organic Rosehip and Vitamin E at the helm, Bloom & Bare replenishes the dermal water content of your nether region, while introducing hyaluronic acid to soften and supple the skin.

  What I love:
  • It slows down the aging process :)
  • Restores the hyaluronic acid in the skin, making it smooth and supple!
  • Super gentle on my skin as it is specially formulated for the intimate areas

Active Ingredients

Organic Rosehip Oil, Squalane, Niacinamide

Suggested Usage
Apply morning or evening to the intimate area after shower. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

When used as a set: Spritz Bloom & Refresh Mist to refresh and hydrate the skin, followed by Bloom & Bare to soften and rejuvenate the skin. Lastly, apply Bloom & Brighten to restore the skin for a more youthful appearance.