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[CNY Exclusive] 好运"龙龙" Skincare Set

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Get ready to usher in a dragon-sized dose of luck and prosperity with our special Chinese New Year skincare sensation – the 好运"龙龙" Skin Blessing Set. Pun intended.

Embark on a journey to clean, clear, and hydrated skin with a touch of warmth and sweetness with Warm Vanilla Rose Vanilla Cream Cleanser, a light foaming cleanser formulated with a potent blend of French sea waters, botanical extracts, and gentle seaweed and sugar-based exfoliants to whisk away impurities without playing hard-to-get with your skin's essential lipids. Quench your skin's thirst with Luminizing II Replenishing & Moisturizing Cream, the sublime moisturizer and skin soother combo! Developed with a dual approach to treating your precious skin, this non-comedogenic wonder deeply hydrates and boosts the dermal immune system. Packed with natural antioxidants, Skin Drink Softening & Replenishing Serum saturates your skin with intense hydration while warding off free radicals and repairing the initial signs of aging. Perfect for sensitive skin, it delivers vitamins and minerals, revealing a soft, healthy complexion that's off-the-charts glowy.

Worth $305.20

  What the set contains:

  • WARM VANILLA Rose Vanilla Cream Cleanser
  • LUMINIZING II Replenishing & Moisturizing Cream
  • SKIN DRINK Softening & Replenishing Serum
  • Exclusive SW1 Mini Puffer Pouch


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