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[CNY Exclusive] “龙“重登场 Skincare Set

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Get ready to make your grand debut and shine like the star you are with our dragon-inspired skincare extravaganza, our "龙"重登场 Skincare Set. Pun intended.

Witness the magic of Gold Mulberry Renewal Moisturiser, our youth-elixir-in-a-tub infused with the power of black orchids and packed with the goodness of mulberries, lycopene, and resveratrol to soothe and brighten lackluster skins instantly. White Plasma Whitening & Illuminating Serum is an ultra-concentrated, quick-absorbing serum to make those dark spots do a disappearing act. With a dual-function approach, it corrects discoloration and evens skin tone using vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors. Rose Ginseng Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner is a gentle, oil-free dermal balancer infused with alpha-hydroxy acids to refresh, recharge, and transform dull skin into a beacon of radiance.

Worth $298.66

  What the set contains:

  • GOLD MULBERRY Renewal Moisturizer
  • WHITE PLASMA Whitening & Illuminating Serum
  • ROSE GINSENG Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner
  • Exclusive SW1 Mini Puffer Pouch