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Don’t let your youth wander while you’re stuck at home with time to lose… give it some wonder instead. This travel-sized care package consists of 3 essential items to tide you through the lockdown and emerge from it look better than before.

This travel-sized kit contains:

RESET Rejuvenating Facial Mist 20ml A multi-purpose tonic containing micellar water, a host of anti-agents and a skin-brightening booster to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles and enhance its radiance.

PURE GOLD Youth Reset Serum 10ml Loaded with pure hyaluronic acid, 24K gold extracts and Vitamin E to soothe sensitivity, and protect your skin from unseen pollutants and aging aggressors like the sun.

LIQUID GOLD Eye Illuminating Serum 10ml The perfect powerhouse to treat your eye-bags and dark eye circles from that all-night Netflix binge. Also serves as the perfect base under makeup…something you could do with post-lockdown!

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