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The Stay Home Skintoxifier Skincare Kit

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Home Facials doesn't just do good for your skin, they cast a miracle spell on our moods too! Get glowing skin now with this easy DIY Skincare kit. 

If there’s one thing your skin loves, it’s a weekly (or bi-weekly) detox. Get your complexion in ‘pore-faction’ tip top shape as you hit pause this April and lucky for you, we have just the products for you. Get ready to wow when you emerge from the circuit-breaker with amazing skin!

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Skintoxifier Kit includes:

SKIN GYM Deep Cleansing Gel

Deep clean skin with this gentle dermal cleanser, melting away all traces of oil, dirt and impurities.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT Detoxifying & Purging Mask

This energizing hydromagnetic mask is infused with iron magnetic particles to draw out impurities and daily residue! Leave on for 5-10 mins, then wrap magnet with a tissue and glide over face to remove mask.


A potent whitening and anti-acne ingredient, this ampoule brightens skin tone, improves dullness and fades colour spots.

CRYSTAL HEALING Oxygenating Facial Scrub

Doubles as a mask and scrub for glowing, fairer skin. Leave on skin for 5 mins then gently scrub off.

SW1 Vital Essence

Formulated with natural fruit acids, this powerhouse essence renews dull skin while balancing skin’s internal hydration.

SUPER HELPER Mattifying & Detoxifying Serum

Keep skin soft and healthy while clear of acne and other imperfections.

BLUE ORCHID Balancing Moisturizer

Good for everyday use, this moisturizer will provide skin the perfect balance of pre and probiotics for clear, radiant skin.