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HAIR BOTOX Anti-aging Protein & Collagen Treatment

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Hair Botox rebuilds the internal structure of weakened hair prone to breakage & split ends. It reinforces, heals and build strong hair from roots to tips. Rich in biotin, collagen, keratin and silk protein, this hair strengthener can be massaged from root to reinvigorate hair and scalp allowing it to regain strength and elasticity. Hair is toned and revitalized.

  • Purifying & protecting the scalp
  • Restoring the fiber's cuticle
  • Deploying the growth potential of the follicles
  • Stimulates and promotes a healthy scalp

Suggested Usage

Apply on clean dry or damp hair. Leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse out. Use weekly for best results or as advised by your physician.

Active ingredients

Elastin protein, collagen protein, keratin protein, silk protein, castor oil

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