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GUARDIAN ANGEL Gentle Facial Wash


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Ionic technology means that this innovative facial cleanser not only cleanses facial skin but imparts an invisible shield of SPF30 sun protection that's amazingly water-resistant up to 90 minutes in water. Taking sun protection to the next level, Guardian Angel is the best protection against sun damage and pigmentation from UV rays.

  What I love:
  • sun protection effect is ionic so there's no greasy feel on my skin!
  • makes protecting my kids' skin so much easier. No more teary eyes!
  • fragrance-free means its suitable for sensitive skins!


Active ingredients

Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Avobenzone

Suggested Usage

Shake well before use. Apply liberally over wet skin. Massage well and gently lather, before rinsing off. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For extreme sun exposure, you may further protect your skin by reapplying sunscreen every 4-6 hours.