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Radiant-C MD Serum


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Transform your skin with Radiant-C MD Serum, a high-potency Vitamin C serum clinically proven to brighten and rejuvenate your skin. Packed with powerful antioxidants, this serum combats free radicals, helping to maintain a youthful complexion. Its fast-absorbing formula ensures optimal skin penetration, delivering key nutrients right where your skin needs them most. Developed with medical expertise, Radiant-C MD Serum is designed to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It evens skin tone, diminishing dark spots and hyperpigmentation, while enhancing your skin's natural defense against environmental stress. With regular use, you'll notice a radiant, visibly healthier complexion.

  What I love:

  • An all-rounded serum that brightens, hydrates and protects skin against aging.
  • It evens my skin tone, diminishes dark spots and hyperpigmentation!
  • Formulated with High-Potency Vitamin C that visibly boosts radiance.

Active Ingredients

Vitamin C

Suggested Usage

Apply 3-4 drops to clean, dry skin each morning. Gently massage into face and neck until fully absorbed. For best results, follow with sunscreen.