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CLEAR Love Kit

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Before you get the all-clear to meet your friends for dinner or convene with your colleagues in person for meetings, you’d much prefer your skin to be all clear as well. Our travel-sized kit is the perfect remedy that makes you come out of the quarantine looking better than ever.

This travel-sized kit contains:

SLEEP MODE Skin Renewing & Smoothening Gel 10ml

An oil-free Aloe Vera gel containing Glycolic Acid that is suitable for all skin types. While it is fighting the good fight against acne bacteria, this product also speeds up the rate of dead skin exfoliation, moisturising and promoting collagen renewal at the same time.

CLEAR BLISS Clearing & Soothing Gel 10ml

An ultra-light gel that tackles clogged pores and acne bacteria at the same time, for that clear and poreless complexion. Also contains a self-activating technology that soothes redness and acne pigmentation.

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