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REJUVENATE ME Mini Me Facial Kit

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Our Mini Me Kits: Pocket-sized, travel-friendly kits that pack a maxi-punch to all your skin troubles! Coming in 3 variations, pack these kits in your everyday carry for a little bit of sprucing up, whenever, wherever.

‘Rejuvenate’ is always a welcome word for anyone who yearns for an immaculate complexion, and this is where our ‘Rejuvenate Me’ kit comes in, with 3 choice items to fulfill this purpose:

GOLD FLAKES Illuminating Facial Scrub 15g

The perfect dermal scrub for a little bit of exfoliation after a hot, sweaty lunch outing. Not only does this product draw out impurities, it helps with lymphatic circulation for optimal skin health.

BABY FACE Revival & Renewal Masque 15g

A baby’s skin is plump, smooth and practically poreless… and now you can roll back the years to achieve just that. This new product from SW1’s extensive skincare range is perfect for aging and dehydrated skin, restoring copious amounts of dermal hydration to your complexion, making it smooth like a baby’s once again.

SAPPHIRE PEEL Purifying Peel 10ml

More than just a deep exfoliating peel, this product also helps to clear clogged pores and prevents further breakouts.