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Elevate your skincare routine with Glowgenic C+T Serum, expertly crafted to harness the synergistic effects of Vitamin C and Turmeric. This powerful combination not only addresses individual skin concerns but works collectively to amplify your skin’s natural radiance and resilience.

  What I love:
  • Enhanced Antioxidant Protection: Vitamin C and Turmeric both offer potent antioxidant benefits, but when combined, their synergy enhances the body’s natural defenses against oxidative stress, more effectively than when used alone. Studies indicate that the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C is significantly boosted by anti-inflammatory compounds in Turmeric, offering superior protection against environmental damage and premature aging (Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology).
  • Dual Action on Inflammation and Hyperpigmentation: Turmeric reduces inflammation and improves skin complexion, while Vitamin C targets hyperpigmentation, resulting in a doubly effective approach to achieving a balanced and bright skin tone. This dual-action makes them more effective together than separately, as suggested by research in Phytotherapy Research and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
  • Collagen Synthesis for Age-Defying Skin: The role of Vitamin C in collagen production is well-documented, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Turmeric complements this by preserving the skin’s collagen levels and promoting new collagen formation, leading to firmer, younger-looking skin as supported by studies in Life Sciences.

Active Ingredients

10% Vitamin C, 10% Turmeric

Suggested Usage

For best results, apply 2-3 drops of Glowgenic C+T Serum to clean, dry skin twice daily. Gently tap into the skin for maximum absorption, and follow with a moisturizer. Consistent use morning and evening maximizes the synergistic effects of Vitamin C and Turmeric for optimal skin health.