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Experience the next level of skin illumination with PlasmaBright TX-K Serum, a potent blend of tranexamic acid and kojic acid, designed to target and diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This advanced formula offers a clinical approach to even skin tone and enhance skin clarity.

  • Tranexamic Acid: Known for its powerful skin brightening effects, tranexamic acid reduces melanin synthesis and has been shown in studies to effectively diminish pigmentation and improve skin tone. Research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology confirms its significant role in treating melasma and other hyperpigmentation disorders.
  • Kojic Acid: Complementing the effects of tranexamic acid, kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme essential for the production of melanin. This dual-action not only prevents new pigment formation but also treats existing spots, making the skin visibly brighter and more uniform, as evidenced by studies in the Dermatologic Surgery journal.

  What I love:
  • Enhances Skin Radiance: Combines two of dermatology’s most effective whitening agents for powerful synergistic effects.
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation: Targets the root causes of dark spots for a clearer, more even complexion.
  • Safe for All Skin Types: Gentle yet effective formulation suitable for daily use.

Active Ingredients

10% Tranexamic Acid, 10% Kojic Acid

Suggested Usage

Use twice daily, morning and evening, for best results. Apply 2-3 drops of PlasmaBright TX-K Serum to your face and neck, focusing on areas with noticeable discoloration. Gently pat into the skin until fully absorbed. Follow with a moisturizer. For daytime, finish with a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against UV rays and prevent further pigmentation.